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would you love me?

when i'm not myself

19 September
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90s nickelodeon, acoustic guitar, adam brody, adrien brody, aim, american dreams, american eagle, anthony edwards, any given thursday, bald men, being alone, ben & jerry's, ben affleck, boston public, britney spears, catcher in the rye, catherine zeta-jones, chicago, christina aguilera, christopher meloni, coldplay, conan o brien, concerts, crime investigation shows, cruel intentions, csi, dashboard confessional, dawsons creek, debra messing, eminem, er, eric mccormack, ewan mcgregor, felicity, friends, gap, george clooney, george eads, goren's head tilt, hugh jackman, inside wants out, james patterson, jason mraz, jennifer aniston, jennifer lopez, jjb, john mayer, john mayer lyrics, johnny depp, jorja fox, jude law, julia roberts, julianna margulies, katie holmes, lance bass, laura innes, law & order, law & order: ci, law and order: svu, mariska hargitay, maroon 5, maroon5, matt damon, maura tierney, mekhi phifer, memento, michelle branch, ming na, miss congeniality, moulin rouge, murder she wrote, nelly furtado, nicole kidman, no doubt, noah wyle, norah jones, nsync, nyc, octavia butler, older men, orlando bloom, paul mccrane, paul walker, pens, phantom of the opera, purple, ralph lauren, reba, reese witherspoon, road rules, room for squares, running, ryan phillippe, sandra bullock, sappy shows, sara sidle, saturday night live, saved by the bell, sean hayes, sharif atkins, shopping, sorority life, stripped, the big apple, the oc, the practice, tlc, tommy girl, trading spaces, vincent d'onofrio, will & grace